Francesca Perona: back to work at the Savona Ceramics Museum

Savona welcomes back artist and designer Francesca Perona, one year after the birth of Ceramics for the Anthropocene, the work of art she created for the second edition of BeSm/ART project.


Funded by Compagnia di San Paolo – through a call for projects named “Ora! Contemporary Languages. Innovative productions” – and by Agostino De Mari Foundation, BeSm/ART was a project ideated by the Association in collaboration with the Ceramics Museum, the University Campus of Savona and the FabLab from Turin.

Perona’s work started with her artistic residency in Savona, where she undertook research based on a dialogue between the traditions from Savona and the local craftsmanship in the field of ceramics, the research aimed at achieving energy self-sufficiency (carried out on the Campus of Savona, University of Genoa) and the most innovative ceramics techniques, such as 3D print using robotic arm. All these elements have been amalgamated into one solid artwork, exhibited in May 2017 at the Savona Ceramics Museum: Ceramics for the Anthropocene, which today become part of the museum’s permanent collection.

As part of an ambitious project to bring the traditions from Savona closer to contemporary art and innovation, the director of the Ceramics Museum Tiziana Casapietra invited Francesca Perona to come back to the museum, to redefine the location for her artwork.


Read our interview to Francesca Perona
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Francesca Perona at the Savona Ceramics Museum

Francesca Perona studying a new set-up for her work at the Savona Ceramics Museum

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