New opening hours

With the end of summer, the Savona Ceramics Museum changes hours with some important news.

(Italiano) Trame ConCrete. Esperienze sensoriali a favore dell’accessibilità

The results of the ARTE project will be exhibited on the zero floor of the Museum of Ceramics: an exhibition open to all that reveals the potential of art in educational paths aimed at people with disabilities.

(Italiano) Segni che uniscono. Online il catalogo

From the educational project "Signs that unite", which involved Is.For.Coop children with disabilities, a catalog full of photographs, quotes and stories on the genesis of the works of young people was born. Download the online catalog now.

(Italiano) Itinerari Barocchi. Una mappa per (ri)scoprire la magnificenza barocca in provincia di Savona

The Museum of Ceramics of Savona and the Diocesan Museum of Albenga work in synergy in cultural tourism: they do so through a paper map that highlights the strong Baroque culture present in the Savona area.

(Italiano) Essenze d’arte

At the Museum of Ceramics in Savona a sensory journey on the occasion of the "Superbe Majolica" exhibition thanks to the partnership with Acqua dell’Elba and the works of the Ligurian ceramist Alfredo Youth.

One of the most important museums of ceramic art in Italy

A collection of more than a thousand artworks, attesting the long lasting relationship that for six hundred years has unified the district of Savona and Albisola with its well-known, beautiful art. Four floors of history, a whole world of ceramics.
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Visiting the museum and its collections

A world of ceramics. Four stages of history. An innovative museum set-up. A marvellous travel through eras and styles. From Renaissance to the 20th century, from Futurism to contemporary design, more than a thousand artworks narrate the deep relationship between a land and its artistic traditions.

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A prestigious site to host the museum

Two historical buildings, one itinerary to discover their treasures. Situated at the very heart of the historic centre of Savona, alongside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Sistine Chapel, Palazzo Gavotti hosts the collections of the Municipal Art Gallery and the contemporary artworks belonging to the Milena Milani Foundation. The visit then proceeds through the halls of Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, where the collections of Savona Ceramics Museum are on display.

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