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The museum. Tradition and the local area

The unique beauty and elegance of the artworks on show at the Savona Ceramics Museum are a clear demonstration of a local tradition upheld in Savona and Albisola for more than six centuries. These two local areas together constitute one of the oldest and most important ceramics centers in the Mediterranean. Still today, ceramic tradition is one of the most important elements of figurative expression that best represents the history, art and economy of the local area. Steadfast representations of this tradition can be seen in museums, churches, monuments and in general architecture, as well as numerous ceramics companies and factories that are still in business today.

The tour. A journey through styles and eras

Covering four floors of the museum, the exhibition plunges visitors into the enchanting world of ceramics. From traditional 15th and 16th century “laggioni“, tiles, and majolica pottery that draws inspiration from the East, to well-known Baroque craftsmanship and 18th century artwork and décor. The tour then travels towards more modern times, through the technological advances of the 19th century, before finally arriving at the artistic revolution during the 20th century and contemporary design.

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MUSA. Civici Musei Savona

The Savona Ceramics Museum is part of MUSA, the network of public museums in Savona, which is divided into two main groups: the Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti, home to the Municipal Art Gallery and the Ceramics Museum, and the museums on the Priamàr Fortress: the Municipal Archeological Museum and the Sandro Pertini and Renata Cuneo Museum.

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Opening Times

Friday and Saturday 9.30-13; 15.30-18.30
Sunday 9.30-17
Monday 9.30-13

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