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Museums have an important educational function that knows no age and public limits, as stated by the new ICOM (International Council of Museum) definition. For years we have been moving in this direction, trying to offer workshops and courses for all ages, to make people aware of the collections but also to allow the museum to be a living, open and above all inclusive and accessible place to all. We offer various proposals to bring people closer to the world of art and visual languages ​​to promote the continuous construction of their own identity and that of the community.

Are you a parent, a teacher, an art lover or simply a curious person who wants to test himself? Read on and find out which of the many activities is best for you!

Activities for children and teens

A rich calendar of events for children and teenagers from 3 to 17 years: there are fixed weekly meetings, ceramic and artistic techniques courses, workshops for events and temporary exhibitions. A series of educational paths to discover through “doing” the works of great artists, to get to know our territory and our history.


Activities for adults

Our workshops are also intended for adults to get involved, rediscover the pleasure of knowing how to do, carve out a moment of relaxation or learn about the world of artistic techniques and the secrets of ceramics. A series of workshops, from ceramic courses to workshops with local artists and international guests.


Activities for schools

For many years we have been offering all schools, from infancy to high schools, paths to bring children and young people closer to museum collections. After a visit to the works, a workshop is always provided, where each student can experience the different artistic languages ​​firsthand. In addition to the proposals for students, the educational service carries out a rich program of training activities for teachers and educators.


Activities for people with disabilities

We have always been committed to making the museum a place for everyone. We carry out important projects involving local and national social and health realities, to offer activities and workshops aimed at making works of art accessible to each person according to specific needs.


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