(Italiano) Attività per bambini e ragazzi

Activities for children and teens

The weekly appointments are divided into two types of activities: free workshops, dedicated to creative and artistic experimentation, and courses on different artistic techniques.

Free workshops and creative experimentation

Free workshops and creative experimentation

On Friday it becomes an artistic experimentation laboratory. During the activities, children and teenagers can freely experiment with different artistic techniques to explore the world of art and discover different expressive languages. A specialized operator will follow the group to support the children in the discovery of the techniques and support them in their process of free experimentation.

  • Age range. Group 3-6 years; group 7-13 years.
  • Times, duration and frequency. Starting from 14 October, every Friday afternoon from 4.15pm to 5.45pm
  • Cost. Single meeting € 15, two meetings € 24, five meetings € 50. Tickets can be used throughout the year upon reservation.
  • By when you can register. Reservation required within the previous week

Courses on artistic techniques

New this year are the courses on artistic techniques aimed at children and teenagers aged 7 to 14. Each course will address a specific technique (ceramics, printing techniques, drawing, etc.) through the creation of a series of works.

Pottery course:

  • Monday 3 and 10 October, 16.30-18.30. The types of clays and modeling techniques: freehand, slab, colombino, molded.
  • Monday 7 and 21 November, 16.30-18.30. The decoration. The main techniques: engobes and glazes and interesting effects such as soap bubbles or masking.

Cost. Cost for the four workshops € 50.00 including materials. The course will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of students.

When can you register? By September 26th.


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