X edition of the International Festival of Majolica

The opening ceremony of the 10th International Festival of Majolica is taking place on Thursday, May the 7 th at 5 p.m. at the Museo della Ceramica.

During the event, the annual prize Premio alla Carriera per gli Artigiani della Ceramica Ligure (Acknowledgment for Lifetime Achievements for Ligurian Ceramics Artists) will be awarded in collaboration with the Ceramists Association of Albisola. The awards will be followed by a guided tour of the collection of the museum.

The participation of the City of Savona to this year’s Festival of Majolica is of special importance for the local ceramics district, especially since in the same year the Museo della Ceramica opened its doors to the public.

The museum will be presenting a special programme of events and themed tours: visitors will have the opportunity to discover the extraordinary collections on show at the museum through the eyes of curators and ceramic art experts, who will propose their analysis of the ceramic art heritage from its origins to today’s creations. In line with the past editions of the festival, the programme of initiatives also includes the Artists’ Ateliers. Now at its 9th edition, this event takes place at the Fortezza del Priamar.

It should be said that the whole region Liguria is showing enthusiasm and initiative concerning the festival, with many initiatives in all parts of the region. As Elisa Di Padova, Head of the Youth Department of the City of Savona, states:

Savona strongly believes that giving attention to the historical and cultural heritage of its territory is a medium for economic development”. Moreover, “the fact that the opening ceremony of a festival as relevant for the ceramic art district as the Festival of Majolica is being held in the wonderful halls of the Museo della Ceramica of Savona is proof of the synergic interactions taking place in these territories.

invito festival

Opening Times

Friday and Saturday 9.30-13; 15.30-18.30
Sunday 9.30-17
Monday 9.30-13

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