#2ceramics: come and discover ceramics, snap and get involved!

The Savona Ceramics Museum presents #2Ceramics: the first photography competition dedicated to ceramics inside and outside the museum, to rediscover through fun activities, a unique heritage that runs through the heart of Savona and the surrounding area and to allows visitors to take part in an international project!

#2Ceramics was created with the aim of directly involving the public in the digital project @52museums which the Museo della Ceramica will participate in from the 29th August to the 4th September. @52museums is an Instagram account that over the course of one year will be shared by 80 museums all over the world, telling their story through photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter from week to week. The winning photos of the #2Ceramics competition will be posted on the @52museums Instagram account (that has around 10.000 followers) when it is Museo della Ceramica’s turn to manage it.

From the 13th July to the 28th August all the museum’s visitors will be invited to interact with our works and local area, by sending a photo taken in the museum and another in another ceramics venue all over the province, from Savona to Albisole. There are no rules for the photos, they can create emotions, tell a story or may just simply be eye-catching. The most important thing is that ceramics appear in the photos…

It’s easy to take part! For those who already have an Instagram you only need to do 4 simple things:

• Follow our account @museoceramicasavona

• Upload 2 photos on your Instagram page of ceramics (one inside the Savona Ceramics Museum and the other one outside, in Savona or elsewhere in the province)

• Include the hashtag #2Ceramics in your post

• Post it!

For those who don’t have an Instagram account you can send both your photos to: concorso2ceramics@gmail.com

At the end of the competition 7 people with the best photos will be chosen to become ‘Ambassadors’ of ceramics from Savona (all photos will be posted on the @52museums Instagram account from the 29th of August to the 4th September) and recieve a present from the Savona Ceramics Museum bookshop.

Our local area is brimming with ceramics, both inside and outside museums… whether it be in businesses, houses or in public places such as the Lungomare degli artisti di Albisola. Thanks to this initiative, made possible by the support from De Mari Foundation and the participation of  Igers Savona, each and every one of you will be able to help us to rediscover the beauty of this heritage and witness it for yourselves.

To find out more, download these guidelines, read them carefully and if you have any questions please write to us on our Facebook page.


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