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Today the company can generate economic value thanks to the tactical and virtuous use of the arts. The opportunity offered by the presence of the arts and museums in the daily lives of so many people can allow companies to “exploit” culture to increase their visibility, choosing among the artistic languages ​​that are more in tune with the type of public they wants to reach.

Cross-Marketing and Cross-Communication collaborations are marketing and communication strategies which, in a transversal way, use means not traditionally available to the cultural enterprise made available by the Partner to reach a target not normally reached by their standard channels, and obviously vice versa.

The concept of cross-marketing and cross-communication are therefore based on the cooperation of forces between the Partners, which allows both to convey their product to audiences that traditional communication and marketing campaigns of the single partner usually fail to reach. reach.

By becoming a partner of the Ceramics Museum you will therefore be able to benefit from exclusive opportunities and advantages:

  • VISIBILITY: mutual communication of the reality/brand/brand and its future initiatives
  • NETWORKING: opportunity to reach the public and museum stakeholders
  • TAX ADVANTAGES: possibility of deducting the entire amount donated from the business income
  • EXCLUSIVE USE of the prestigious museum spaces for corporate events, such as congresses, conventions, presentations, press conferences or aperitifs, dinners
  • PRIVILEGED RELATIONSHIP: unlimited free access to the museum and the exhibitions hosted there, even with one’s own guests; special and personalized workshops or visits; invitations to exclusive previews; exclusive out-of-hours visits; constant sending of information materials on the Foundation’s activities and events


Let’s decide together the proposal that best suits your needs: contact us at the email address collezioni@museodellaceramica.savona.it and we’ll give you an appointment as soon as possible!

Opening Times

Friday and Saturday 9.30-13; 15.30-18.30
Sunday 9.30-17
Monday 9.30-13

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