(Italiano) Mazzotti 120 Albisola: una project room dedicata alla storica fabbrica di ceramica albisolese

A tribute to the Mazzotti ceramics factory in Albissola Marina, which this year celebrates 120 years of activity, with an exhibition hall at the Ceramics Museum.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of the Mazzotti factory in Albissola Marina, from June 2nd to September 10th the Ceramics Museum will pay homage to the historic Albisola company by dedicating the exhibition space on the 5th floor to it.

The Mazzotti ceramic factory was one of the most important ceramic manufacturers in Italy and Europe in the twentieth century: thanks to its craftsmen, artists and designers who it has always employed and hosted, it has played a fundamental role in the modern renewal of the art and material culture, contributing in a fundamental way to projecting the name of Albisola in the world. As many as seventeen companies were born from the Mazzottis, five of which are still in business (Pierluca, Ceramiche San Giorgio, Marco Tortarolo, Ceramiche 2G Guido Garbarino, Ceramiche Il Tondo) and important works of art exhibited all over the world came out, some of which they will meet again in the simultaneous exhibition Lam et les Magiciens de la Mer, staged in the same period at the Ceramics Museum and at the MuDA Exhibition Center in Albissola Marina.

The interior of the first Mazzotti factory founded in Pozzo Garitta in 1903.

At the same time, Giovanni Rossello’s Ceramiche Mazzotti and Tullio Mazzotti’s Fabbrica Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903, now divided since 1959, have decided to come together to publish a volume that traces the first 120 years of the history of their company and of their family. The text, edited by Paola Gargiulo and published by Vanilla Edizioni, will be presented to the public in the garden-museum of the Fabbrica Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903 on the evening of Saturday 3rd June.

The project room in Savona, curated by Gargiulo herself with the museum curator Daniele Panucci, will tell the story of the factory through documents, works, photographs. For the occasion, the two companies have designed a four-handed ceramic vase, decorated according to the traditional seventeenth-century “Antico Savona” style, the classic White and Blue, and with the characteristic futurist style with matt glazes, which will be exhibited at the Museo della Ceramica together with two large vases from the 1930s signed by Torido Mazzotti and Dario Ravano. The vase will be issued in a limited edition (first series of 50 numbered specimens, with the combined initials of the two manufacturers).

Info & Orari

Mazzotti 120 Albisola

Museum of Ceramics of Savona
June 2nd – September 10th, 2023

Edited by | Paola Gargiulo (guest curator), Daniele Panucci

Project made by | Foundation Museum of Ceramics of Savona Onlus, A.R.C.A. social cooperative

In collaboration with | Ceramiche Mazzotti, Fabbrica Ceramiche Giuseppe Mazzotti 1903

Graphic and exhibition project | Giulia Gaggero and Davide Servente (gaggeroservente)

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