Open Call: Working with Rochester Square

An open call for enthusiasts, aspiring and expert ceramists: 7 workshops in two weeks in the company of the artists of Rochester Square in London. The works created during the workshops will be exhibited in the museum’s autumn exhibition.

A series of excellent workshops is coming: from August 28th to September 7th, we will have guests from some important artists from Rochester Square, a dynamic ceramic studio in London dedicated to projects of social commitment and artistic collaborations, founded in 2015 by the artist Francesca Anfossi.

A project that starts from the three identifying focuses of the London studio – clay, food and garden – and blends with the elements of our territory: among the scheduled workshops, itinerant experiences will be planned, such as the clay research and extraction day or the creation of plaster casts in the sand, as well as real workshops of hand or lathe manipulation and decoration. The high professionalism of the workshops requires participants to have minimal familiarity with the ceramic material and with the tools for its creation.

The laboratory experience will materialize in an exhibition, set up at the Museum of Ceramics in Savona and which will inaugurate in the autumn, in which the works created during the workshops and the artistic residence will be exhibited. With the help of some manufactures from the Baia della Ceramica, six large vases and as many ceramic stools will be created, which will reflect the aesthetic tendencies of each artist.

Some workshops will be reserved for different audiences and realities. In fact, the project sees the involvement, on some days, of Caritas Savona: a way of stimulating that sense of community identity in which Rochester Square has recognized itself from the outset. Some workshops will instead be aimed at children and teenagers in the artistic summer camp organized by the museum educational service (for info, costs and availability, consult the website of the Museum of Ceramics of Savona).

“Ceramics is an adaptable, inclusive material that can be humble and at the same time very sophisticated. Versatile enough to often create extraordinary works of creative ingenuity, but used every day for the most natural activities, such as eating.” Here, for Rochester Square, food becomes the key element for transforming places and situations into an engine for local social life. Each day, the studio focuses on communal meals: eating is when everyone sits down together to share ideas and experiences, encouraging a sense of community or family.

Another crucial aspect of the project concerns the theme of the garden, which in Rochester Square’s vision is a sculpture garden, a place where installations, plants and crafts can offer recreational and cultural activities to people of all ages.

Terms and conditions

  • It is only possible to register for workshops 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
  • The deadline to register is set for Sunday August 6th 2023
  • Participation can take place in single days or in all the workshops of the programme
  • The registration fee is €50 per workshop, €100 for workshop 2;
  • The workshops will be held mainly in English but always with a mediation in Italian by the artists and museum staff.


  • Over the age of 18
  • A minimum experience in handling ceramics and in the use of the lathe is required for workshop n.6.

Submit application

You can sign up by email at or via the following contact form:  

Image release

By participating even just in a workshop, the participant authorizes free of charge, without time limits, the publication and/or dissemination in any form of their images on the website of the Museum of Ceramics of Savona, on printed paper (a catalog of in-depth analysis of the workshop and the exhibition that will follow) and/or on any other means of dissemination, as well as authorizing the conservation of the photos and videos themselves in the Museum’s computer archives and acknowledges that the purpose of these publications is merely of an informative and informative nature.


For any request for information and assistance, please contact the e-mail address 



August, 29th, h. 17-21 e September, 5th, h 9-13 | beach of Albissola Marina, Museum of Ceramics of Savona

Workshop 1 – Francesca Anfossi / Milan Tarascas 

The spirit of the Bauhaus: creation of molds for a ceramic garden

In this two half-day workshop, we will explore the possibilities of creating molds using plaster to cast shapes from objects found on the beach, dug up and built in the sand. Led by Milan Tarascas, we will start the day by introducing participants to the different techniques and materials involved in making the moulds. You will learn the process of preparing objects in sand, mixing and pouring plaster, removing and cleaning the finished moulds. Throughout the day, the artists will guide you through the process, encouraging you to experiment and explore new technical solutions. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants and to share ideas and inspirations.

The molds created will be part of an installation in the Ceramics Museum of Savona, which will be inaugurated in October. During the two months that the work will be on display, museum visitors will use the molds to make pottery, which they will build up into a terrace garden project. This project is inspired by the spirit of the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus (MIBI), trying to put art, craftsmanship and technology into a system.


August, 29, h 9-18 | Imperia-Finale Ligure 

Workshop 2 – Lyson Marchessault / Milan Tarascas 

Research and extraction of clay in the Imperia area (white earth) and Finale Ligure (red earth)

Participants will have an excursion experience aimed at quarrying and collecting local clay, examining how the raw material is processed and then transformed into a malleable body of clay. The collected clays will be used to decorate the fermentation vessels (workshop 6).

Full day, packed lunch. Self Transfer: Meeting point? Albisola motorway exit (in front of the Ernan ceramic studio, Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, Albisola Superiore)

September, 5th, h. 9-13 | Casa Museo Jorn 

Workshop 3 – Paulina Michnowska / Lex Franchi 

The food cycle

Inspired by the natural and vegetal elements of the garden of Casa Museo Jorn, and by the dishes decorated by his children displayed inside the house, in this workshop for children he will devote himself to illustrative and narrative decoration on the food cycle. Each participant will be provided with a set of pre-cooked ceramic plates, approximately 25 cm in diameter. The plates will be exhibited and used for the exhibition in the Ceramics Museum in Savona in October.

Workshop for children and teenagers as part of the artistic summer camp organized by the Educational Service of the Ceramics Museum.


August, 20th and September, 4th, h. 9-13 | Museo della Ceramica di Savona 

Workshop 4 – Ewelina Bartkowska / Paulina Michnowska +Lex Franchi 

White and blue utensils and containers

Creation of bowls, bowls, cups and utensils useful for eating, decorated by people involved in Caritas Savona projects. The main focus of the workshop is to bring the community together, have a nice conversation, maybe have a drink and forget the pressure of manufacturing, using our hands to create. All utensils and vessels will be produced after a tour of the museum’s permanent collection and inspired by it.


September, 6th, h. 9-13 | Casa Museo Jorn  

Workshop 5 – Francesca Anfossi / Lyson Marchessault 

Bread sculptures

An experimental and creative laboratory with bread dough. Using clay techniques and equipment, this edible material will be pushed to its limits, before being put in the kiln, to give the final shape to the works. The bread sculptures will be displayed on the walls and around the exhibition space during the exhibition at the Museo della Ceramica di Savona.


August, 28th and September, 7th, h. 15-19 | School of Ceramics of Albisola Superiore, Casa Museo Jorn 

Workshop 6 – Lyson Marchessault / Ewelina Bartkowska 

Fermentation jars

In this course, participants will have the opportunity to make a food fermentation jar, useful for containing any type of ferment/pickle. They will learn how to make a watertight container with the channel and its lid on the wheel, how to glaze it and finally participate in a fermentation tutorial in the last session. This workshop will encompass a whole process, from learning how to make the vessel to making your own fermentation inside the piece, to discussing how pickling and fermenting can help develop a balanced diet and gut health.   

It is necessary to know how to use the lathe, maximum 7 places available.


August, 30th and 31th, h. 9-13 | Museo della Ceramica di Savona 

Workshop 7 Francesca Anfossi  

At table with Rochester Square, tile workshop

Francesca Anfossi will create her design for a table by teaching and collaborating with children to make tiles and decorate them with stencil and engobe techniques. Once finished, they will form the final design of the table that will be the centerpiece and support for the utensils for the exhibit in the Museum in October.

Workshop for children and teenagers as part of the artistic summer camp organized by the Educational Service of the Ceramics Museum.


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