Creative workshops at the Savona Ceramics Museum

The educational programme at the Savona Ceramics Museum has been developed in partnership with the Savona section of Italia Nostra and with LaboratorioL. Every year, the programme proposes a broad range of educational workshops aimed at students of all ages, from kindergarten to schools to universities, and families. For the 2017/2018 school year, the programme will offer a wide choice of activities that focus on ceramic production.

These themed activities and workshops also take advantage of the multimedia tools and resources available at the museum. All the current proposals are explained in the “Educational guide” which provides full details and goals for each activity according to age level.


The educational guide

In the educational guide, teachers can find all the useful information in order to plan and book activities. According to all bookings and events, the staff of the museum will create a calendar of activities and tours, allowing the museum and schools to organize their schedules and promptly adhere to the needs of the students.

Download the educational guide [available only in Italian]:
Guida ai percorsi didattici per l’anno scolastico 2017/2018.

Teachers can also find copies of the educational guide at the ticket office in Palazzo Gavotti.

Tailored activities

For teachers and students

Teachers who are interested in specific themed activities can consult the museum staff and the educational programme team in order to organize consultation. Upon request, specific activities for higher education and high school students can be provided.

For parents and children

The educational programme is also available to all families who are interested in engaging in educational activities alongside their children. Activities will be organized when the required number of participants (7/8 children plus parents) is reached and must be booked one week prior to the requested date.


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