Museo della Ceramica: a digital project

The opening of Museo della Ceramica will be marked by the launch of the web portal

This launch is just the first step in a digital journey that will include increased web accessibility and more content throughout 2015, with the aim of creating a website that can be a communal element between the museum, its collections and the many online communities.

In order to achieve this goal, earlier on in 2015 the website will initially be made available in English, with subsequent mobile access from smartphones and tablets. However, the most important goal to be attained along the year is the implementation of a photo gallery in which high resolutions images of the works can be instantly available to the public via the Internet.

In line with the approach of all major European and international cultural heritage institutions, the staff of Museo della Ceramica are firmly committed to providing and uploading around one hundred images in high resolution onto the present website throughout 2015, displaying the exhibits on show at the museum to the world and promoting the circulation of these precious treasures.

The digital strategy of the Museo della Ceramica does not just stop there. In close collaboration with a team of social media experts, the staff of the museum opened a series of “portals” in the digital world by creating profiles for the museum on all major social networks. You can find us on:

  • Instagram: to share the most beautiful details of our collection as seen through your eyes
  • Facebook: to get in contact with our staff and share your museum experience with us and with your friends
  • Twitter: to join the discussion on #ceramics #design #art and #tradition

Thanks to the internet and all its creative possibilities, we will pursue an extensive web project that will allow us to address a wide variety of fans of ceramic culture and art all over the world.

Opening Times

Friday and Saturday 9.30-13; 15.30-18.30
Sunday 9.30-17
Monday 9.30-13

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