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On Saturday the 10th October, the ‘Contemporary Day’ returns, organised every year by AMACI, the Society of Italian Contemporary Art Museums.

Just like on any other Saturday, the museum will be open as usual, but to celebrate this day, it invites visitors to discover the collections of the Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti for free, in the normal opening hours of the museum. It doesn’t stop there! For those who are curious and interested in learning about one of the most innovative projects that are taking off in the city, from 4.30pm in the Sala Conferenze, the presentation of “Be Sm/ART – Art at the service of Smart City” will be held, followed by a guided tour of the areas dedicated to Ceramics from Art to Design in our museum.

Be Sm/ART is a research, training, and communication project that brings into play the experience and knowledge of two very different disciplines: art and science. The brainchild of Tiziana Casapietra, and funded by the Foundation A. de Mari Cassa di Risparmio di Savona and the Liguria Region, the project was sponsored by Radicate; The Society for Art and Contemporary Culture Research in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering on the Campus of Savona (University of Genoa), the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce in Genoa and the Cultural Association Cattivi Maestri of Savona. These organisations will work together to develop, through a series of workshops, a model of a replicable ideal city based on the optimisation of consumption and the production of renewable energy.

Until the 13th of November, selected artists and engineers from the University of Savona, will carry out workshops on campus, involving the youngest students of the theatre company Cattivi Maestri, from Savona. For the first time in Italy, the artists will work closely with university researchers, examining together theoretical hypotheses that will be applicable in the future. We hope that ceramics can also contribute to a more sustainable future, not just for our city but for other cities too!

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