“Tessere”: presentation of Giorgio Laveri’s catalogue

Tomorrow at 4.30pm, in the Sala Conferenze of Palazzo Gavotti, the monograph of Giorgio Laveri Cards, will be presented. The recently printed general catalogue, illustrates the creative journey of the artist from Savona from 1972-2015.

An artist of international importance, in the wake of the great protagonists of the Albisola season, Laveri takes ceramics to the most prestigious scenarios related to contemporary art. Multifaceted and multidisciplinary, over the years he has authored performances, installations and creations, which he has developed into a balanced mixture of figurative and expressive ideas. The video-performance Ciliegiotto that will be projected during the presentation, is a concrete example of this. The various speeches at the conference will describe Laveri’s creations, which range from visual arts in the theatre, to cinematic works. Throughout his career, through ceramics – his most frequently used expressive medium – and theatrical and cinematographic experimentations, he has carried out more than three hundred events in Italy and the rest of the world.

The event is not to be missed, in fact, alongside the artist Giorgio Laveri, the Mayor Federico Berruti, Head of Culture and Youth Politics Elisa Di Padova, the curator and art critic Giorgia Cassini and the psychiatrist Maurizio Cristofanini, will all be present at the book presentation.

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