The Ceramics Museum of Savona selected for the #52museums project

The Museo della Ceramica is one of two Italian museums (among over 80 international museums) that have been awarded the privilege of participating in the social project #52museums, which began on the 1st of January 2016!

You can follow the project on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #52museums and discover many quirks and curiosities from all over the world. The idea is very simple and this is why it is so effective: one single Instagram account, that for one year each of these museums will take turns to co-manage, so that they can demonstrate what’s going on in their museum by posting images and videos allowing web users not only to follow, but also interact by leaving comments and asking questions.

The project, which within just over a week of its launch has already gained thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter and is growing exponentially, is the brainchild of Mar Dixon, cultural animator and founder of international projects that link museums to social media. In a short space of time, Mar opened the account @52museums on Instagram, launched the project on her blog and invited museums to sign up and sorted out the schedule. The Museo della Ceramica di Savona has gone full speed ahead and obtained its weekly space between August and September, the perfect season to tell all about Savona and its museum to the entire world through pictures!


But that’s not all! The plan called for the presence of 52 museums that would alternate in managing the account but given the huge number of nominations, the museums have been asked to join forces and collaborate. This is why the Museo della Ceramica has decided to go into partnership with the Museum of Design in Barcelona, also by the seaside and also home to a remarkable collection of ceramic objects, who accepted the proposal: the two museums together will both be posting images and videos to bring you into the world of their collections by creating totally unprecedented stories and links!

Start following @52museums right away on social media, this week ranking above Massaciuccoli Romana, the other Italian organization- Tuscan to be precise – that has managed to grab a place among the most popular accounts on Instagram @massaciuccoliromana.

And don’t forget to follow The Museo della Ceramica on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Opening Times

Friday and Saturday 9.30-13; 15.30-18.30
Sunday 9.30-17
Monday 9.30-13

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