Secondo Pasolini

Adrian Paci
Albisola Superiore

In short

Secondo Pasolini by Adrian Paci was made in Albisola (Italy) in 2006 during the 3rd Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art.

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“When they talked to me about the Biennale of Ceramics in Contemporary Art I thought that instead of submitting drawings I wanted to do something that was almost handcrafted, like painting on ceramic. I was working with some images taken from Il Vangelo secondo Matteo by Pasolini and I thought of trying to work with the same images on another support. That’s how this work arose: three drawings taken from the film that rest on three types of different earths. Certainly, it is not a conceptual work and if there is a thought it must be sought in the work itself. I remember that while chatting with Corrado Levi he talked to me about what he called ‘knowledge of the hands’. Fantastic! Especially for those who want to work with ceramic, it’s important to realise that there is more than just mental knowledge!” (Adrian Paci)

Text taken from Attese Edizioni.

Secondo Pasolini is shown in room 13.


Terra-cotta, majolica; h. 40x50x15 cm.
Manufactured: Adrian Paci, La Casa dell’Arte and Studio Ernan Design, Albisola Superiore, Attese Edizioni.