(Italiano) Prenotazioni per laboratori

Albisola Artists in Residence

The objective of the residency programme is to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and skills between Albisola-based artisans and young Italian artists who are developing and undertaking original research in the field of ceramics and showed the potential to pursue their artistic career through a professional and independent path.

Here is the English version of our site

It is now online the English version of the website of the Museo della Ceramica of Savona. This step is not only the starting point of the digital and communication strategy thought for the museum, but it is also an essential part of it. It is a small step in a long journey, yet it will enable international visitors to easily access all our contents.

Art and music: Christmas at the Museum

Ligurian ceramics in Europe

The staff of the Museo della Ceramica is actively committed to attract international attention to the artistic and cultural heritage of Liguria, as its treasures represent simultaneously an example of artistic expression and fine traditional craftsmanship, alongside being part of its economic fabric.

The Ceramics Museum unveils itself to the city

Two events, one at Palazzo Civico and one at the museum itself, will officially mark the opening of the Museo della Ceramica on Tuesday, 16th December 2014.

Palazzo del Monte di Pietà: a unique restoration project

A fascinating exhibition arranged inside the ancient building which formerly hosted the Monte di Pietà of Savona. The building has now reopened its doors to visitors after a major restoration project.

Museo della Ceramica: a digital project

The opening of the Museo della Ceramica to the public also marks the beginning of a digital journey that will see the growth of web accessibility and contents throughout 2015.